Thursday, April 9, 2009

'Girls Got Rent To Pay

Name: Cecile

Job: Lots of them, actually

I am only 20 years old, but I have always had at least two jobs one full time and one part time..

-2002 (90cents p. LB) Peeling crawfish that were parboiled to be sold at 10 dollars a pound. They stunk like rotten fish and you could never get the smell out of your hands (Part time weekends only)

-2002 (6.55 hr) Stock girl at a very small town store. This was pretty much me restocking beers and dusting can goods. I once found a can that expired in 1986 it was baked beans. (Kind of Full time like 30 hours a week)

-2002 or 2003 (6.00 hr cash) Working at a snowball stand. My hands were always stained that lasted a week before they fired me so there son could work (part time)

-2003-2007 (8.00 hr cash) working at an antiques shop ran by my then boyfriend's parents. I only did it around Christmas when they needed extra help. It was the easiest job ever and I always gave discounts to people I knew.(30 hours a week during the holidays)

-2005-2007 (started at 6.00 moved all the way up to 7) working at a greenhouse as a water-er, plant mover and puller, pretty much there bitch. I worked in the hottest green house and got paid less than EVERYONE else literally. I got to deal with all kinds of plants that I was allergic to and Chemicals that burned my skin. Plus the bosses son had a crush on me and i turned him down so he treated me like crap (30 hours a week)

-2007 (10 hour cash) Working in a shop with my boyfriend at the time. Cleaning, keeping up with paperwork and occasionally helping work on cars too.I like it because I learned a lot about how to take care of cars and I could come in whenever for the extra money. (Maybe10 hours a week)

-2007-2009 (8.00/2.13 hr plus tips) worked as a restaurant bitch waiting tables, hostessing, catering, we even had a buffet, taking orders, answering phones, pretty much where ever they wanted to put me that day. It paid well especially on the to-go order side where I made 8 an hour plus at least 30 dollars a night in tips (sometimes as much as 80). Left because no one ever showed up on time if they did show up. My bosses were sleeping with half the staff.Alot of bullshit involved (up to 60 hours a week)

-2008 (7.00hr plus benefits) working at a certain popular coffee chain. It was also a really good job and had amazing benefits. It was very very easy and we spent more time bullshitting than working. When they closed down my store I left (20 hrs a week part time)

-2009 (?)- Just quit my job a few days ago and will be starting ata newplace tomorrow wonder what that job will bring.

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